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Poems in Shoreline of Infinity 18

Thrilled to have a handful of sci-fi poetry in Shoreline of Infinity 18 – buy online!

Book cover illustration with shuttle leaving a planet

The following poems have been published by Shoreline of Infinity:

  • ‘Spectraverse implants changed my life’
  • ‘Lure of the Oracle’
  • ‘Umbilicus’
  • [haiku]
  • ‘Ode to Mycelium, from AI/42’ 
Nanites flutter along sentient yarn.
Braided membranes throb, woven to placentas.'

Shoreline of Infinity is a sci-fi magazine and indie publisher based in Scotland. They publish science fiction stories, poems, book reviews and interviews from/with writers around the world in their magazine, and also publish anthologies and pamphlets.

Buy Shoreline of Infinity issue 18 £3.95 – £7.95 (digital, physical)

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