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A dose of creativity – subscribe to Notebook Letters

I’m starting a newsletter focused on creativity. Aiming to send it monthly with the caveat of fluctuating health and energy. Each Notebook Letter will have a creative prompt, reflective question + tings and happenings. You can expect:

  • 😎 Previews and behind the scenes
  • 🖌 Creative inspiration
  • ✒️ Writing guides and prompts
  • 🎁 Freebies and resources
  • ☀️ Musings on creativity and life

I believe everyone is and can be creative and that the arts are essential for our wellbeing, empathy and humanity, especially when times are tough for so many communities at home and across our one blue planet.

While I’ll share about the projects I’m working on and the different aspects of being a creative freelancer and artist, I’ll also share other artists and writers I find inspiring.

I have a wide scope of what counts as creative – as well as ‘traditional’ arts like music, visual arts, literature, I include things like cooking, inventive thinking, and the art of noticing the sublime in the everyday.

The welcome letter has peach-clouds to inspire you… We could all use a little more creativity in our lives.

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