line illustration of a flower stem with an open flower, some buds and seedheads on faded old paper background

botanical spell for the new year 2023

Each year I start a new document called ‘poems 202X’ and this year, I felt inspired (and had the time and energy) to write a poem to start the year off, calling in the elements we may need to move throughout the year in this (often messy) life.

While I enjoy wishing happy new year to my close friends and family, I know this time of year can also be painful. From personal experience, I know this turning point of one year to the next can be difficult for a multitude of reasons.

Maybe you’re recently bereaved or grieving one or many loved ones. Maybe you’re dealing with major ill health (yourself or a loved one), or you’re far away from some of the people you care about. Maybe things did not go to plan last year, or you have some agonizing decisions to make this year. Maybe it was a particularly difficult or stressful year and, though you’re glad to say goodbye to it, you’re also feeling anxious about what this year may have in store for you.

And, although I feel the benefit of reflections, letting go and planning ahead, I’m not so keen on new year’s resolutions because we can easily set ourselves up for feeling like a failure. We all have to deal with and learn from our fails, but managing and setting realistic expectations when it comes to goals or ambitions for the future can help protect your mental health.

This wee poem felt good to write because it acknowledges a fuller spectrum of what, I think, we need. It’s really just another day, so I’ve included a couple of other posts on Instagram that might hit the spot for you or have another perspective.

Decided to attempt my first Instagram reel! 😅 static image also below…

Video description: Text poem and floral motif on faded old paper background. Floral motif and title fades in. It is a line illustration of a flower stem with an open flower, some buds and seedheads. Each line of the poem fades in:

botanical spell for the new year

lotus seeds of contentment to sow every season
thorn of thistle gifting unexpected grit
amaranths for loving beloveds’ eternal
cloud-whispers of remembrance chrysanthemums
forest of aspen to sing with ancestors
tender aloe for ritual healings
silk cotton tree root to house known spirits
waterfalls of elderflower for wild mirth and magic
bird of paradise to embody carnival
wraparound ivy for enduring friendships
blood red orchids to saturate desires
honouring patience with moon-petals of epiphyllum
butterfly narcissus for self-care and self-love
wing of sage to call upon wisdom
eclipse of nodding snowdrops for sanctity of solace

Poem by @JedaPearl

Illustration by @emmawebbstudio ( on Canva)

Audio by @skottpeace

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poem (text in blog post)

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