Line drawing of flowers and foliage with central sunflower.

botanical spell for the new year 2024

Last year I wrote my first botanical spell for the new year poem and felt compelled to write one for 2024 as an offering we can share…

This poem was written in particular reflection of wars, human rights violations, genocides and (often capitalist) imperialism happening in several places across the world; making space for grief, community, rest, healing and hope.

botanical spell for the new year 2024

oil of olive for honouring ancestors
bark of eucalyptus to awaken consciousness
ebony nectar for cultivating resilience
fractal of sunflower to sow collective liberation
purge venomous imperialism with leaves of ash
seed of cypress to grow space for grief and remembrance
promise pacifism with spathes of peace lilies
tamarix leaf to ease sting of salt and flame of rage
gel of aloe to soothe raw wounds
teardrops of senecio to restore healing waters
brassica florets for sharing resources
tubers of sweet potato for continuous nourishment
cladonia lichen spores to signal cooperation
sacred root of banyan for thoughtful reflection
star of cottonwood for intuitive wisdom
nightfire hibiscus for pleasure activism
branch of elm to inspire solidarity
& trumpets of calla lily to renew songs of hope

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As fascism, late-stage capitalism and the climate emergency combine forces, we must stay awake, and find ways to raise awareness and activate collective liberation.

Climate justice, disability justice, decolonising institutions, fighting systemic oppression – these are all interlinked.

Finding ways to speak up and make change individually and collectively is vital.

We, humanity, need to do better.

We also have only one habitable planet and have not found a waste-free and extractive-free and climate-friendly way to traverse the galaxy or exist off Earth.

I’m committing to this work. It is life-long. I will not always get it right but I have faith in our empathy for one another.

Resources (will add more when I have more spoons):

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