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Published in Multiverse – a new science fiction poetry anthology

I’m thrilled to announce that I have two poems, The Thaw and Tempest to be published in Multiverse – New International Science Fiction Poetry published by Shoreline of Infinity, co-edited by Russell Jones and Rachel Plummer.

This is exciting on many levels… These are my very first poems to be traditionally published and the anthology has 70 authors, many of whom are accomplished poets and authors.

In 2018, I returned to creative writing after a break of a couple of years. After continuing to receive feedback that my fiction was ‘poetic’ I decided to put my poems out into the world. I’ve written poetry for a long time but I’d never felt confident enough to submit them. I don’t have a degree in English literature and I’d never seen myself as a poet. In fact, I had put poetry up on a pedestal. But poetry should be for everyone and writing sci-fi poetry allowed me to play with it.

The success I’ve had with this submission has really encouraged me to continue exploring the genre. The lesson? You should go for it, even when you doubt yourself.

The Thaw was originally inspired by the phrase ‘cellophane eyes’ which I used in a poem inside an old story – many years later, it’s found it’s right place. Tempest was also inspired by a more recent sci-fi story I wrote but the poem, shaped like a tornado, is from the point of view of an active onlooker. I wonder, will I have to write a full short story for all of my most successful poems? 😂

You can buy ebook and paperback copies of Multiverse on Shoreline of Infinity – a treat for both poetry and/or sci-fi lovers (international delivery).

I’m honoured to be placed alongside many talented emerging and established writers and poets, including Jane Yolen, Harry Josephine Giles, Sofia Rhei, Jenny Wong, James McGonigal, Fyodor Svarovsky, Joyce Chng, Vincente Luis Mora and Claire Askew. Go check it out.

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