Microscopic view of DNA with text overlayed: 'Figures of Speech, Future, Russell Jones T.L. Huchu Jeda Pearl, 22nd July, 7.30pm Scottish Storytelling Centre

Figures of Speech – Future

I’m delighted to be presenting new work at Figures of Speech – Future, on 22nd July 2022, 7.30pm at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Authors Tendai Huchu (Twitter) and Dr Russell Jones (Twitter), will be discussing the impact of technological advancements on writers and readers, referencing Scottish writers and artists including Edwin Morgan and Metaphrog.

Is the future of Scottish literature a utopia, dystopia or something else entirely?

I’ll be presenting new work that explores an imagined evolution from storing our data in plant life to sentient biotech as archivists and storytellers.

Join us! Tickets are £12/£10 – book online (opens in a new tab).