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When all that’s left is… published in 2021 Mixtape: Writers of Colour Audio Anthology

I’m excited to announce the 2021 Mixtape: Writers of Colour Audio Anthology for two reasons!

One – I have a poem in the anthology and, two, this annual project was one of the programmes I was leading on at SBWN throughout 2021 and into 2022.

The Writers of Colour Writing Group, facilitated by Hannah Lavery and hosted by the Scottish BPOC Writers Network (SBWN), is a nurturing and bountiful space where poetry and prose are birthed. The audio anthology, curated by Hannah Lavery, is the culmination and celebration of a year’s worth of work. A reminder to Scotland that we’re here and our writing deserves recognition.

Each piece is recorded by the writer and then Sarya Wu designs incredible soundscapes to accompany the audio. SBWN also digitally publishes the text, creating an accessible anthology of work, archived on SBWN’s website.

I’ve embedded my poem ‘When all that’s left is…’ below, but I urge you to head over to SBWN to listen to the whole anthology.

Experience 2021 Mixtape: Writers of Colour Audio Anthology

View/listen on SBWN’s website

View the anthology text PDF

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